ECN Joint Statement on Anti-Trust law in Corona Crisis

The current exceptional circumstances for companies also have an impact on the application of antitrust law. On 23.3.2020, the European competition authorities affiliated in the European Competition Network (ECN) published a joint statement ("Joint Statement" - see appendix) in which they announce facilitations and issue warnings.

But the antitrust law remains valid! Even if the benefits of cooperation should be taken into account accordingly and explicit reference is made to the admissibility of maximum price agreements, agreements for price increases or minimum prices remain inadmissible, even between manufacturers and dealers. Abuses of market power for essential goods are already being observed and pursued throughout Europe.

Merger proceedings Austria: Notifications are now possible electronically. The decision deadlines for the BWB (request for examination) and the Cartel Court (prohibition) in current proceedings will (re)start on 1.5.2020.

If you have any questions, please contact our cartel law expert Dieter Hauck.

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