Litigation and Arbitration

Preslmayr Attorneys‑at‑Law have extensive experience in litigation. We represent national and international companies as well as individuals before Austrian courts on a regular basis. Moreover, we advise and represent our clients before and during arbitration proceedings, already starting with the drafting of arbitration agreements. Clients may benefit from arbitration proceedings; for instance, an arbitrator usually comes much faster to a decision than national courts, arbitration proceedings generally maintain a higher standard of confidentiality and arbitration awards can be executed more easily on an international level. We comprehensibly advise on strategic litigation aspects and always take the relevant economic aspects into account.

We support our clients with the execution and defense of their legal claims in different legal areas. In particular including warranty and damage claims, various claims resulting from supply and service level agreements, execution of claims based on infringements of competition as well as infringements of patents, designs and trademarks or copyrights, also comprising proceedings due to requests for interim measures.

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