Public Procurement Law

Due to the tremendous economic significance of public procurement projects, public procurement law has become one of the most relevant legal areas by now. The multitude of sources of law (European Public Procurement Law, Austrian Public Procurement Act and nine Austrian Regional Public Procurement Acts) and the ever increasing volume of legislation of the procurement review bodies (European Court of Justice, Constitutional Court, Higher Administrative Court, Supreme Court, Austrian Federal Procurement Office [“Bundesvergabeamt”], Independent Administrative Tribunals [“Unabhängige Verwaltungssenate”] and Federal Procurement Review Senates [“Vergabekontrollsenate”]) challenge not only contracting authorities but also contractors.

Preslmayr Attorneys‑at‑Law advise not only contractors but also contracting authorities as well as sectoral contracting entities within the scope of procurement projects. Our advisory service involves the legal support of contracting authorities to choose a type of proceeding respectively prepare tender documents, to choose a successful tenderer or to represent in review procedures before the procurement review bodies. For many years tenderers as well as applicants trust in our competence with regard to the assessment and settling of possible risks in tender documents as well as the challenging of incorrect decisions of contracting authorities.

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