Real Estate and Tenancy Law

Real estate becomes ever more popular. Essential investments in new premises, the sale of inherited real estate, the increasing market demand for housing situations, the desire of a safe investment, the purchase of the dream home or simply the request of future financial security led to an increasing need of advice. In addition, the financing of such transactions as well as their hedging require significant special expertise. Not least because of numerous and partly very complex provisions, which have to be complied with (such as the newly introduced real estate profit tax [“Immobilienertragsteuer”], the Austrian Tenancy Act, the Building or Industrial Plant Law), professional legal advice is indispensible. Moreover, current decisions of the Supreme Court concerning the inadmissibility of contractual clauses (e.g. addressing the maintenance obligation) demonstrated that increased due diligence is required for the drafting of contracts. Due to our experience for many years and extensive knowledge of the legal situation and the circumstances in the relevant fields, we ensure our clients to advise them best possible and support them efficiently with the implementation of different projects from the beginning. Our competences not only include legal expertise required for drafting of contracts and enforcement of rights resulting therefrom ‑ out of court and before courts; on behalf of our clients, we also take the relevant economic aspects into account. Thus, companies of various sectors, investors, lessors, property managements and individuals are among our satisfied clients.